How can I protect myself from injury when riding a bike?

To protect yourself from injury when riding a bike, you should always wear a helmet on every ride. The helmet protects you and your head in the event of a fall and serious injuries can be avoided. It is important that the helmet fits properly, is the right size for your head and is tightened properly so that maximum protection can be guaranteed.

You should also pay attention to the right clothing. Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your freedom of movement. Choose brightly colored clothing so you can be seen in bad weather or at dusk. In addition, it is advisable to wear cycling glasses to protect your eyes from insects, dust and wind.

Your bike should always be in very good condition. It is particularly important to regularly check the brakes, tires and your chain to ensure a safe ride.

As a participant in road traffic, you should always drive carefully and with foresight. Watch out for traffic and be sure to signal your intentions with a hand signal in good time.

Wearing the right clothing when cycling is important. At RYZON we develop performance cycling clothing for your best performance.