What clothing should I wear for cycling in wet and cold conditions and to be seen optimally?

Cycling in winter not only requires robust equipment, but also a timeless design language. Here's your guide to rain, cold and darkness so you can excel on your bike while staying safe.


When the raindrops fall and the asphalt shines, waterproof gear is crucial. Choose a rain jacket that protects you from moisture and is also breathable. The right pants will keep you warm despite the rain. Don't forget the overshoes - they not only keep your feet dry, but also complete your look on the bike.


The cold can quickly become uncomfortable when cycling, but the right clothing makes all the difference. Start with a headband or hat under your helmet to protect your head from the icy wind. Insulating layers, such as a warm jacket and thermal pants, will also protect you from the winter temperatures. Think about your feet – Merino socks and overshoes will keep them warm and dry. Gloves complete your winter cycling experience.


The darkness shouldn't stop you from cycling, but safety comes first. Use reflective prints on the jacket and pants to be clearly visible in the dark. Supplement this with an effective light on the bike so that you can not only be seen, but also clearly illuminate the road in front of you.

The right clothing for winter not only impresses with a timeless design, but also allows you to ride your bike safely even in bad weather conditions. Choose the right gear, whether it's raining, cold or dark, and experience cycling becoming a year-round joy.