Have you ever gotten lost on purpose?

No, neither did we... until a few weeks ago.

That was when we asked ourselves: What if? What would happen if we simply left our bike computers and smartphones at home?

No sooner said than done. And now we know: quite a lot!

Do you feel like finally experiencing a real adventure again?
Then stay tuned and let yourself be inspired soon.

  • 7239XXPC

    Off Grid Cycling Bib Shorts

    Lightweight, comfortable cycling shorts with a classic cut and straps.

  • Off Grid Cycling Jersey Men

    Functional cycling jersey made of quick-drying and breathable material.

  • Off Grid Cycling Jersey Women

    Functional cycling jersey with a women-specific cut.

  • Off Grid Gravel T-Shirt

    Loose functional shirt. Perfect for gravel and bikepacking tours.

  • Off Grid Cycling Socks

    Lightweight performance socks with cycling-specific construction.

  • Off Grid Pouch Small

    Lightweight, simple pouch for valuables.

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