How can I increase my running speed?

You can increase and improve running speed through various techniques that you integrate into your training routine. The basic requirement for increasing your running speed is regular training so that your body slowly but steadily gets used to the increased load. This is particularly important, as otherwise injuries can occur if the training volume is accepted too quickly. A very good way to increase your running speed is to incorporate interval training into your running routine.

It is best to start with short intervals at the beginning. For example, you can run fast for 30 seconds followed by a slow run for 30 seconds. From this starting position, slowly rise and increase the intensity and duration of the intervals. Mountain sprints or walking up stairs can also be a possible way to improve your strength and endurance and thus your running speed.

It is also important that you check your running technique and make improvements if necessary. Efficient running technique can help you run faster and longer without overexerting yourself.

In addition to the right training, pay attention to a balanced diet and sufficient regeneration to prepare your body optimally for the training and to give it the opportunity to recover. With patience and perseverance you will increase your running speed and achieve your goals.

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