How can I improve my running style?

To improve your running performance, you can first work on your running style. Good running form will help you run more efficiently and use less energy. So you can run longer and better. Poor running style can also lead to injuries that keep you from training even longer.

So you should have your current running style analyzed by a trainer or running expert and get valuable feedback about your current running style and also get tips and tricks on how you can improve your running style individually. Generally speaking, you should focus on maintaining an upright posture, looking forward, keeping your arms relaxed and close to your body, and letting the movement come from your hips.

To improve your running performance, you can include strength training in your training routine in addition to regular running. Focus on strengthening your core muscles and legs with strength training. Interval training can also help you improve your running performance.

Give yourself time to improve your running style and keep working on it. With the right technique and the right training, you can fully exploit your running potential and prepare yourself for new challenges.

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