How can I improve my aerodynamics on the bike?

Aerodynamics on the bike are important to go faster and more efficiently. Here are a few tips on how to improve your aerodynamics on the bike:

  1. Optimize your position on the bike: A low and stretched position on the bike reduces air resistance and increases your speed. Your sitting position should be adjusted to you to avoid injuries.
  2. Aerobars and Rims: Aerodynamic bars and rims are designed to minimize drag while riding, increasing speed. Bikes with aerodynamic elements are often more expensive, so you should be sure before buying whether they make sense for you and your bike.
  3. Clothing and accessories: Close-fitting clothing and an aerodynamic helmet can also help improve aerodynamics. Sunglasses can also help reduce air resistance on the face.
  4. Experimentation: It's important to try different positions and accessories to find the best aerodynamics for you. A bike fitting from an expert can help you find the optimal seating position on the bike.

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