What to do against cold feet when cycling?

To keep your feet warm while cycling, there are numerous cycling overshoes. Choosing the right overshoes depends on the season and the weather. Here you can distinguish between several overshoes.

In the transitional period, i.e. in spring and autumn, but also in mild winters, lightweight neoprene overshoes are perfect for your trips. But if it gets really cold outside, you have to use thicker models to keep your feet warm. Overshoes with thermal insulation or with lined neoprene. At Ryzon, we rely on PrimaLoft® insulation for our overshoes - known from winter jackets and gloves - which offers reliable protection against cold, wind and rain. The thermal insulation here works according to the same principle as with natural down, but PrimaLoft® does not contain any animal components. Air chambers are created between the wafer-thin synthetic fibers that store body heat and keep you warm while riding.

In addition to choosing the right cycling overshoes, you should make sure that they fit you well and are not too tight on your shoe. Because only if the overshoes fit properly can their full effect unfold and protect your feet from the cold. Your overshoes should also be easy to put on and take off. In addition to cycling overshoes, you can also wear functional socks that wick away moisture and thus also help to keep your feet warm and dry.

So, no more excuses not to ride in the cold! With the right cycling overshoes and functional socks, your feet will stay warm and you can enjoy the wintry landscape from the saddle of your bike. Regardless of whether you are looking for cycling overshoes or gloves, at RYZON you will find a high-quality selection of bicycle accessories for your trips.