What can I do against cold hands when cycling?

You can wear gloves to keep your hands cold while cycling. But gloves are not just gloves. The respective situation is particularly important when choosing the right gloves.

In the transitional period, i.e. in spring and autumn, light finger gloves or cycling gloves with a thin insulating layer are suitable. Especially with activities in the transitional period, the weather is getting warmer again or is still warm, so a small warming layer is perfect to keep your hands from getting cold.

In cold temperatures, in winter, lined gloves with a windproof and waterproof membrane are recommended. There are several differences in gloves for cold temperatures. In addition to the attributes such as wind and waterproof, it is important that the gloves have a breathable material. In this way, the moisture is transported away from the hands and unpleasant sweating in the gloves can be avoided. If, despite everything, you still get cold hands while driving in winter, you can still use hand warmers in your gloves to keep your hands warm. However, a good quality pair of gloves should be able to keep you warm and dry even during your winter rides.

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