How do I put on and take off the triathlon suit?

You can read how to put on and take off the triathlon suit correctly without damaging it in this short guide:

First you should make sure the suit is clean and dry before putting it on :

  • Then slowly and carefully pull the suit up over both feet and legs until it covers your stomach.

  • Extend your arms through the sleeves and pull the suit over your torso and shoulders.

  • If the suit is tight, you should smooth it down the legs, arms, and back to ensure an aerodynamic fit.

  • Then zip up and pull it all the way up. A zip at the front is recommended here for easy handling, as with all RYZON triathlon suits .

When it's time to take off the suit:

  • First unzip the suit and slowly pull the suit off your shoulders.

  • Then pull the suit down, over the legs and feet.

  • Make sure the suit is not pulled over the zipper to protect it from damage.

That's it! With these simple steps, putting on and taking off your triathlon suit shouldn't be a problem. Good luck in your next competition!