What equipment should you have with you when cycling?

The right equipment when cycling is crucial to be safe and comfortable on the road. Here are some essential items to take with you when cycling.

Starting with the helmet. A good helmet is the most important accessory for a cyclist. Under no circumstances should you start a journey without it. Especially when you ride a racing bike, you get fast. The risk of an accident increases with increasing speed. So choose a helmet that fits well and offers a high level of protection. In addition, the helmet should offer you good ventilation and be light in weight.

The cycling shoes come into play as a further piece of equipment. When it comes to cycling, you can either ride in flats and sneakers, or invest in clipless pedals and wear special road bike shoes with a metal plate on the sole. When buying road bike shoes, you should pay attention to the size and fit and try on different models. There are different click systems that are attached to the shoes with three or two screws. There are also various options for the closure system, such as Velcro, ratchet closures or shoelaces. It depends on the different locations and personal preferences as to which of these variants are suitable for you.

You should also have an air pump and a spare tube with you on your trips. An air pump and a spare tube can help you quickly in the event of a flat tire. Make sure you choose the right size for your bike.

Although it is probably an absolute no-brainer, especially in road cycling, it is still worth mentioning: the drinking bottle. You lose a lot of fluids when you ride a bike and it is important to take enough water with you. A drinking bottle is therefore an indispensable companion for every tour.

Last but not least, a bike computer can help you keep track of your speed, distance and time. This can be very helpful, especially on longer tours.

With this equipment you are well prepared for your next bike tour. You can find more useful accessories for your rides and performance bike clothing at RYZON.