Even in the cold and wet season we want to be able to pursue our passion - cycling. The challenge: Our feet are particularly exposed to the weather. To protect them from the cold and wet , there is a simple solution: cycling overshoes.

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That's why cycling overshoes have proven themselves so well

Everyone knows that the feel-good factor is definitely a weather-dependent factor. Fortunately, with the right overshoes, driving fun is guaranteed even in the cold and rainy months.

Bicycle overshoes are covers for bicycle shoes and are primarily used to protect against the weather . They offer additional protection and warmth for the feet when cycling and are constructed in such a way that no rain, spray or slush can get into the shoes via the socks. This allows us to pursue our passion even under adverse conditions.

There are different types of cycling overshoes: Waterproof overshoes with a protective outer membrane, such as the Gravit Reflective Overshoes, ensure that your feet stay dry even on rainy bike tours. There are also lined models , such as the Gravit Insulated Overshoes , which are intended for bike rides on very cold days and protect your feet from the cold.

At a glance

  • Made from weather-resistant materials
  • Pleasantly tight and comfortable fitText
  • High cut and tight leg endings

Rain overshoes for cyclists

It doesn't matter whether it's during a rain shower or afterwards: at the latest with the first puddle that you can't avoid, your shoes and pant legs are soaking wet. This may be bearable in summer, but wet feet stay cold in winter. This situation can be avoided so easily - with suitable overshoes with rain protection. These rain overshoes are made of windproof and waterproof functional material . With them you can easily get on your bike on wet roads and get to your destination with dry feet .

Insulating winter overshoes

Even on cold days we don't want to do without extensive tours. But especially on longer trips there is a risk that your feet will cool down due to the cold headwind . The toe area in particular is very sensitive and can start to hurt if the cold persists. Insulating cycling overshoes can help to ensure that you don't miss out on driving fun even in wintry temperatures. Overshoes made of insulating materials are used. The insulation is designed according to the principle of natural down: fine synthetic fibers provide tiny insulating air chambers that store body heat. A water-repellent, breathable outer membrane prevents moisture penetration.

What size do I need?

Bicycle overshoes are designed so that the required size corresponds to the real shoe size. Anyone who normally wears shoe size 43 also buys their cycling overshoes in the corresponding size . It is important that the cycling overshoes fit properly and at the same time offer enough freedom of movement .

Reflective materials or reflectors on the overshoes can be useful to be seen better in the dark. In addition, the zippers on the overshoes should be waterproof so that no moisture can get inside.

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